Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Introducing A.I. Love You

I was put on to these dudes via email (Thanks Mark) the other day and I was taken aback. It's good to know I wasn't the only Black kid who grew up in PG County and is a product of PGCPS who has a love for both Hip Hop and Electronic music. The rapper/producer/sibling team of A.I. Love You isn't some weird Allen Iverson fan club but a couple guys who I include in my list of local rappers to check for. They manage to convey their musical love interest quite well and it sounds like they have been doing this for quite some time. Y'all need to check out what else the area has to offer.


ReneeWoods said...

I really love their style and you can't beat good beats with good rapping.

The Glass House said...

Agreed...there's going to be more to come from them so stay tuned!

K. Scribe said...

As we talked about yesterday, DC's production game is ablaze--seriously, it's pretty fearless and goes places that other producers(in regions) don't go--since the hip hop legacy is unwritten here (or at least is not written in stone, preserved), they're able to create their own standards, own molds, and take the roads less traveled. They pick and choose parts from other regions and create a mosaic for DC, which means it can be so many things at once, and at times distinctly it's own thing. With the exception of a handful of mc's/rappers in DC, these producer-guys/dames hold the wheel for DC hip hop, everyone else is a back seat driver..