Tuesday, May 19, 2009

K.Scribe's "The Prose of a Rhythm Scribe"

She's been making keep quiet about this for a minute but finally I can blow her up. I want y'all to check K.Scribe's blog The Prose of a Rhythm Scribe. She's gonna be coming from the same place as her music reviews for this blog and will continue to educate but also entertain. I also wanted to post the second installment to her podcast series, The Stereotype Demos, entitled "Music For Transitions". This one features a couple tracks by some local folks (I made note of them in the tracklisting below) so I had to really put this one on blast. Be sure to add this one to your blog list for commentary that's more than blogworthy but noteworthy.

Tracklist (DMV folks in bold):

Kelis feat. Andre 3000-Millionare [Tasty, 2003]

Lykke Li-Little Bit [Youth Novels, 2008]

Dizee Rascal feat. Vanya-Get By [Showtime, 2004]

Bjork-Desired Constellation [Medulla, 2004]

Erlend Oye/Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie [DJ Kicks, 2004]

First Time-Diamond District [In the Ruff, 2009]

The Avalanches-Tonight [Since I Left You, 2000]

XO, Marky, Ra The MC-Practice Your Art [Us Vs Them, 2008]

Hot Chip-The Warning [The Warning, 2006]

The Five One-R3valulion [2009]

Nyle-Let the Beat Build [2009]

Telepopmusik-Breathe, Extended Mix [Genetic World, 2006]

Cool Kids-Broadcasting Live [Gone Fishing, 2009]

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