Friday, September 4, 2009

Recap: Fall Television Pre-Preview brought to you by Integral Arts

Ok my second favorite time of year is here. The new TV season is about to kick off and thanks to the power of The Glass House I can see what might be on your TV in the future.

Locally-based production company Integral Arts screened some of their work at The Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse Theater in Arlington, VA this past Wednesday. Here's a run down of what I see in their future and yours:

Codeword Secret: A half hour comedy about a none too wise playboy recruited to the CIA. While there were some laughs I don't see a TV outlet this side of Comedy Central picking this one up.

Saving Corproate America: If RENO 911 where set in the world of corporate law Saving Corproate America is what it would look like. This show would easily fit on any cable channel programming comedy and would probably be best paired with FX's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Dog: The most promising of the three pilots screened Wednesday. If this shows up on SHOWTIME, HBO or any of the other premium cable networks next year I will definitely be watching. Built around satellite radio shock jock "Dog Rollins", this has laughs and smart tone built for a premium cable channel right now. Because the radio show scenes feels so real the writing, if that's what it is, Dog will be as good as WEEDS, Entourage and others. Keep a look out for this award winning pilot in the future. Dog was an OFFICIAL selection of the New York Television Festival 2009 and Independent Television Festival 2009 in LA where it took home the award for "Best Overall Television Show".

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