Thursday, September 17, 2009

Men's Skincare - Wash-Off Shaving Oil

So, I'm a product junkie and normally the products that I find interesting, I buy. There is one product that I find to be really neato and it is not for me!  Since I have no need to buy it because I have no facial hair, I will write about it in the hopes that male product junkies or guys always looking for a closer shave that won't kill their skin will cop it.  The product I'm speaking of is wash-off shave oil. 

Designed to be used instead of shave cream, wash-off shave oil can be used with regular razors, straight razors, and whatever else guys use to get a close shave.  The consistency of it is light but it creates a nice slick barrier between a man's sensitive skin and the shave instrument of choice.  It allows the blade to glide right over the skin-cutting hair, but not the skin.  After you are done shaving, the oil rinses right off leaving behind a nice smooth slightly moisturized face.  I have spoken with many men who have recently tried it and they are extremely pleased with the results afterwards.

One can find wash-off shave oil in the "Maca Root" men's skin care line at The Body Shop ($10) and at The Art of Shaving ($22).Two of the more talked about fragrances are unscented and lavender, however a simple Google search will provide more varieties to choose from for the self-shaving gentleman.


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Lynn said...

Thanks for this! It's always nice to see something for the fellas!