Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The article that reinforces my "grass is greener" perspective on the recession

The majority of people I have met recently, along with a couple I have known for a while, have lost their jobs within the last six months or they've voluntarily walked away from them. Since these events have occurred, however, instead of fretting because they no longer are bound to a paycheck these enterprising souls have been just that - Enterprising. Either going "full steam ahead" with business ideas or making moonlighting a 24/7/365 routine, all these individuals have been rather inspiring to me. I often feel like my time can come any day for whatever reason. Do I want to lose my job - although I'm not as into it as before "No". Would I be able to think fast to come up with another source of income that would sustain me - "Yes" because I've done it on a few occassions. This article (posted on FB via Victor) definitely breaks down why you can find much good in these uncertain times...

It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck

"Are we really going to spend our entire Friday talking about Oprah’s caps locked Twitter debut? Or invest more time discussing Ashton Kutcher and his one million followers publicity stunt? Seriously? Do you ever think that we’re wasting far too much time on stuff that isn’t making us any money or helping anyone? And maybe that’s why you lost your job/can’t get clients/haven’t produced anything exciting recently?" Continue reading HERE

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