Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Fresh with Durkl x Stussy DC Spring '09 Gear

Had to do a double feature in one post (is this a direct conflict of interest?) because Durkl and Stussy are two of the doper, progressive urban clothing lines located in DC. Plus, I wanted to make it easy for all the fans of both lines and newbies to know what's hot in the streets.

Durkl is dropping their "strongest offering to date, featuring a great mix of graphic tees and caps, colored denim, and unique cut and sew items ranging from windbreakers to lightweight sweaters". If you're not jaded by the fitted jeans and bright colors found in contemporary urban fashion then you'll enjoy sporting many of Durkl's wears.

If you're in or near DC, stop by Palace 5 @ 2216 14th St. NW or Shop

Stussy DC has released their DC specific tees at what couldn't be a better time to show your love for the city

If you're in or near DC, stop by Stussy @ 1781 Florida Ave. NW or Shop Stussy

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