Friday, July 24, 2009

The Chillin' singles that should've been

Over the course of a week I've been put on to 2 remixes of Wale's crossover hit "Chillin'" and I was thoroughly impressed. No diss to the producers behind the original mix but either remix by Nova Scotia's own Skratch Bastid or the DMV's own Nacey should've been the top choices for the song that has it's own video AND a t-shirt. In my opinion, the crossover appeal would've been the same and it would've still represented DC. But then again, I don't get paid to make those types of decisions...yet. Hear the remixes down bottom...

Wale f/ Lady Gaga - Chillin' (SKRATCH BASTID REMIX) from Skratch Bastid on Vimeo.

Wale - Chillin' (Nacey Remix)


Skratch said...

thanks for the post!

Sonya said...

No doubt man...thanks for the mixtape and for doing GoGo justice on the Chillin' remix