Friday, July 17, 2009

Stevie Boi Interview

Stevie Boi Interview from The Glass House (in DC for now) on Vimeo.

Judy5000, style specialist for The Glass House (in DC for now), sat down with Stevie Boi to get the scoop on these sunglasses that are everywhere and on everyone (including celebrities). Find out more about all of Stevie's custom gear at


Lionel Messi said...


Thank you

The subject of more than wonderful

Anonymous said...

OMG he is so fucking sexy!!! i love that kid Go Stevie Boiii

ryan (fashion expert) said...

i bought the Sb shines i believe and i must say they got me so much attention

cool kid

kayla said...

umm stevie boi is not calm like that. yall must drugged him


but i love the
sb flatstones i bought 3 pairs of those big upz to stevie boi

degsha james said...

good luck SB your a real talented kid !


Brittany Stuart said...

we love you in nyc stevie

i tell everybody about
lol dont stop being you

Renne Thomas said...

Stevie You know you cant even sit still for 5 minutes :)

Debz said...

look at my little brother(getting famous)
your family loves you stevie boi :aka stee'bow:

Allisa Rose said...

i love his smile. im going to get them glasses Eva Pigford wore
their really cute.

Micheal said...

O Hell naw yall did drug his crazy ass. He is not calm like that foreal but anyway i love all the positive messages!

keep it up Stevie B

Lady Mixx said...

i saw him post this on twitter-- i didnt know he made those glasses.... im pretty impressed; good luck kido