Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson @ Fashion Week!

If you are a music lover, you are probably still mourning Michael Jackson's death.  That aside, we have to know that he will always be here in spirit and in fashion.  Since his death, the resurgence of his music has been unbelievable!  I think that there already has been and will be fashion that is inspired by him as well.  In the August volume of InStyle magazine, there were military jackets featured in DKNY and Versace ads, as well as a red, black and white color palette.  There are also sequins everywhere for fall from sequined tanks to dresses to, of course, gloves!  The huge aviator sunglasses that Michael used to always wear have been and still are all the rage for this season and many more to come. Vogue magazine did an excellent write up on Jackson's style and reported that many designers were already collaborating with him for his upcoming return to the music scene. It was rumored that he would be outfitted in thousands of Swarovski crystals for his London tour, and had been photographed in decked out band-leader inspired jackets for Balmain.  Let's make Michael proud and dig up our red leather motorcycle jackets, roll up our "boyfriend" jeans, get us some loafers, aviator sunglasses and Beat It!

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