Monday, July 6, 2009

Hip Hop Theater Festival x I AM ART and more!

Yep, so I am over here at The Glass House writing about all your favorite creative, unique, interesting events.

Just a PSA to all the promoters, PR people and whoever else; I totally accept bribes, so feel free to woo me with free event tickets, free drinks, food and of course cash always works. Unless your event is totally whack then I can’t really help you but enough about that, on to the good stuff!

We are in that magical time of year in DC when there are a shit load of art festivals; Art-O-Matic, The Capital Fringe Festival and The Hip Hop Theater Festival.

HHTF is honestly one of my favorites, filled with hip hop performances, panel discussions and parties.

The first of two HHTF opening parties will be TODAYth at The Library Saloon, which I personally have never heard of, but I digress…

AM Radio will be there doing a live painting and DJ Two Tone will be spinning.

After that Marvin’s usual Monday night party (The Main Ingredient) will host some special guest DJ’s from the Uprock Collective (London) to celebrate the festival.

For more info on the The Hip Hop Theater Festival click here

Also coming up is BK’s Adams I AM ART installation, this one is a must for anyone that loves creative expression that pushes the envelope. I wish I could give you a link for this one, but apparently this is kind of off the radar (but a big deal nonetheless).

Info on I AM ART:

Date: July 10, 2009 6:30pm- 8:30pm

Location: 1348 Maple View Place SE

For more info email:

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