Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picking up on people's VIBE....for the last time

This was then...

...and here's now SMH

VIBE has been a staple in contemporary Hip Hop and R&B music since 1993. I was a fan all the way through 2000 but my love of the lifestyle publication feigned throughout this decade. Actually, I just stopped reading magazines period lol. Anyway, VIBE will be remembered for releasing issues that pushed the envelope in taste and style. They gave people a closer look into a world of Black celebrity that some may not or never get know. From the always insightful cover stories to the fashion and lifestyle pages that kept you on your A-Game, VIBE delivered social education in a way previously unseen. Oh yeah, I can't forget about my favorite part of the mag, 20 Questions. That section of VIBE would pose 20 questions (often antagonizing and sarcastic yet funny) relevant to current issues and happenings in the media for the month. Although the final cover FAILED beyond belief, I plan on picking up the final issue upon it's release. I challenge the Black urban lifestyle magazine that will take the place of VIBE to pick up where they started in 1993 and not where they left off.

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