Monday, June 29, 2009

The BET Awards!!!

Last night many saw The BET Awards and many were disappointed. It was a good show and for three days of work the tribute to Mike was excellent.  Many people will disagree with me but I would just like for people to consider a few things first. Being a performer and having performed on stage since the age of two, I know what it takes to create a good show.  It takes great performers, great lights, set designs, costumes, a good stage manager or two, a good MC, an out of this world sound system and a receptive audience.  To put all of that together into an awards show can take a few months to a year.  

Please note that the show we saw last night was all put together in a few nights with a few parts of the show created prior to MJ's death. With that said, Keri Hilson's recreation of MJ's "Bad" video with the usage of her hit single was awesome!  The choreographer must have channeled MJ as soon as he passed and so did Keri and her background dancers to execute that performance the way they did given such little time.  Jamie Foxx killed it with his jokes, "MJ" performance reconstructions and numerous MJ costume changes! Whoever the stylist was gets a gold star!  I would like to know where they found all of those "Beat It" jackets in three days!! New Edition came and ripped it Jackson Five style and it was really good to see all of them on stage together performing a tribute for Michael. The choreography, costumes and Ralph Tresvant's voice were all on point.  Ne-Yo channeled Mike with his voice during he and Jamie's duet which brought tears to many eyes in the audience. Janet's unexpected but welcomed appearance was a nice touch and from her remarks anyone could tell that she was in pain and angry.  Despite her questionable comments, her presence brought a sense of completion to the show. I can go on and on, but I want to switch gears.  

As people of color, we have developed the bad habits of comparing ourselves to others and devaluing our greatness as it relates to everything.  Those are the two main reasons why we took for granted the solid awards show last night.  It was good because we are good at many things that we do. It was good because it was well executed given it was essentially put together in THREE DAYS. It was good because last night we chose to celebrate and honor a great BLACK MAN when many other networks threw shade and will continue to do so. It was good because we were able to laugh, sing and dance instead of cry. It was good because we created a space to be proud of who we are and who MJ was. It was good, it was great, it was excellent.  Rest in peace Mike and your spirit will always live on.

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