Friday, June 26, 2009

The Paxtons WORK Listening Party Interview x Photo Recap

I had an opportunity to catch up with The Paxtons on Wednesday at the listening party for their debut album WORK. The rapper/producer duo born and bred in Chicago but now calling the DMV home, have been building up to this release since 2008 with the release of their first official mixtape, Members Only. Here's the interview with Chris and Dave giving us a taste of who The Paxtons are and what they do.

For those who weren't there, here's some photos for y'all...

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Sensei said...

I think you guys have a great deal of potential. I enjoyed your interview but I think you could have given us a little more background on yourselves, especially your musical, lyrical, and philosophical influences. I've been following your music and would like to hear more about the direction of it.