Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday 6/13: Emperess Live! @ Black Church Maraca

After a two month hiatus, Black Church Maraca is back, you know that open mic I always rant and rave about...yeah the one that's held in people's homes. It's the only poetry open mic worth going to (sorry everybody else) and the musical performance features are always like that. This month's feature is one of my favorite MCs (and yours, too) in the DMV, Emperess. Bring yourself and your folks and them cuz the poetry is good, the bathroom is clean, it's only $5 and there will be wings. And as I always say whenever there's an event in Southeast, don't front like you're too good to come across the river. "We got money in the ghetto!" Too Short -"We Got Money in the Ghetto", Get In Where You Fit In, 1993

Note - The attractive woman on the flyer is not guaranteed to be in attendance but there will be plenty of other attractive women there for your conversing pleasure

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