Monday, June 1, 2009

Video: The Get Em' Mamis - "Work/Roc Wit Me"

I've been a fan since I learned of these two ladies a few months back and I finally got to meet these ladies at the Wale show at Sonar last week. Symphony and Roxzi aka The Get 'Em Mamis are an odd pair (in style that is) that bring the streets of Bmore to y'all in 16. Their mixtape, The Road to TerAwesome is all about a day in their lives past, present and future. If you're unfamiliar with the Baltimore that exists outside the harbor, only know the place for producing "that bamma ass techno music" (don't get me started on the sub-genres of Electronic music) or have never really spent a lot of time in the back streets (or the front streets in some parts) of Charm City, this mixtape gives you a little bit of everything you don't know and a lot about what make The Get 'Em Mamis a hot commodity.

Download The Road to TerAwesome: The Pre-Album

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