Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally! Well only if you support but still Finally!

Ok so apparently someone has been listening to me the last few months and spread the word. Kindred Bar & Lounge (the old State of The Union) that isn't owned by the singing husband and wife duo but by a pretty popular, ambitious woman, Nikisha Carpenter, is scheduled to open this summer - that is if you, me, us, we, the community, partygoers, lushes, alkies, hipsters, hood folks, sneaker kids, the posh, artists, writers, 9 to 5ers, DC natives, DC dwellers, old, young, black, white, purple people eaters, etc support the opening. Why a place that would have all these different types under one roof? Well, "These are hard times, and most of us have cut back on outings to bars and restaurants. Or maybe we only go to places with specials. My mission is to provide everyone with a great space with great prices. I’m not trying to get rich quick or open up a chain of Kindreds across the country. I am trying to pool our resources to save us money, to bring us together (with cheap booze!) and to do something for the community — for us." (That's what she said by the way)

Some of you may know Nikisha personally and/or have had the pleasure of attending one of her parties. If so, then skip the next sentence. If not, just know the concept of Kindred was going on in Nikisha's world along with all those who her present long before this post. I don't want but I need y'all to support the opening of Kindred Bar & Lounge because as far as I know there isn't a place like it in DC. If you prefer the fine lines that separate DC's social scene, still make a donation because you'll end up there at least once. Fundraising ends July 31 so let's get this joint up and running. Go HERE to make this thing real y'all!

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Original Najeema said...

Thanks, I want to let you know I wanna support NIKISHA too, so I've posted a piece on my blog too about it. & linked to your site.