Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday 6/28: Dreamscape @ Marvin

Alright y'all, this is an event that I'm collabin' on next Sunday. I'm rather excited because I've been wanting to get on an art event for a minute. There's still room for more artists/photographers to come showcase their work so if you're interested holla at the following people:

Chris Bradshaw -

Me -

For more info on Dreaming Out Loud, Inc point and click HERE

See the event details below this phrase:

Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. is set to entertain and enlighten for its fundraising event called Dreamscape. This event will take place on Sunday June 28th from 2-5pm at Marvin (2007 14th Street NW). With DC's most sought after rooftop and lounge location serving as the backdrop, this mixed-media arts experience (featuring painters, photographers, and more) will not disappoint!

Funds will help the us make good on our mission to transform and transcend education through our character education program entitled Walking the Dream Path. Working with children prekindergarten through 5th grade, the program includes environmental field trips; planting gardens that attract monarch butterflies for study; exchanges with Ghanaian schools; and much more!

We will also have must-have DOL logo t-shirts and live milkweed plants (the plant that the butterflies lay eggs on) for sale. And, I can't forget free food....If you have time, please come join us!

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