Friday, June 5, 2009

Harry Dixon x Right On! X The Coolout

Harry Dixon, the man formerly known as Harry Hotter has released a mixtape...I can't friggin' believe it! I recall my first time hearing of Harry when AV Lifestyle Group, the vehicle behind this DJ, was promoting Pandora at The Park last spring (how many of y'all remember that far back?). I remember wondering to myself, "Something tells me this guy is pretty friggin' good with a name like Harry Hotter", although an easy play on the title of the movie by a rather similar name, the name always stuck in my memory. He's done plenty of events around town but The Coolout last year was the first time I heard Harry Dixon stay true to the music he loves and still rock the joint. I'm not sure who influenced him to create a mix but he's one of many DJs I'm checking for these days who I had no mixes =( But now the wait is over (bout damn time man). This mix is probably one of the most cohesive joints I've ever heard. Mr. Dixon takes us on a aurally magnetic journey by fusing together a little DMV Hip Hop blended in amongst a whole lot of Electro, with a touch of House and Grime..all of which diplays his true range of skill. And yes it all works very well.

Download Right On! Mixtape HERE

And when you're done listening to the that make sure you go HERE on Sunday and everyone to follow.

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