Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet The Method to The Mayhem

For those of you who have been following The Glass House (in DC for now) for a while, you know that I try to keep y'all up to date on what's happening around town, and sometimes beyond, in music and social stuff. Because I've connected with some interesting people who are very talented in their own right, I decided to invite a few of them to write for the site. Here's a little info about 'em:

K. Scribe (Music Critic Extraordinaire) -

I'm pretty low key, prefer to avoid the flashing lights--staying true to a writer's nature. I prefer my book, headphones, notebook or blackberry's these days, and good company in small numbers. By day, I work in cancer research, by night I write. Soon I'll be starting med school at Howard. In addition to writing for The Glass House, I write for the Couch Sessions, my own blog: and produce a monthly podcast, The StereoType Demos (new issues at, old ones at the proseof...).

Judy 5000 (Beauty and style better than you ever imagined) -

I'm an educated young Black woman with a lot on her mind. I love fashion, make-up, world affairs, the arts and most of all, getting on my soapbox and talkin' smack! I embrace many lifestyles especially the ones that people are quick to pass judgement on - my sense of style along with my love for fashion and make-up reflects that. Currently I work as a retail store manager full time and also as a student working on my Master's thesis at Howard University in the African Studies program. Occasionally, I work as a freelance make-up artist and would love to make some permanent space for dance in my life again. I look forward to discovering hot concepts, designers, stores and whatever else related to beaty and fashion to discuss on The Glass House (in DC for now). I can't wait for y'all to check me out...oh yeah I also have a blog ( and I'm on Twitter (@murphsmurph)

Cam (Quiet guy with mad tracks up his sleeve) -

Love for music. Urge to move. Creativity and self-expression. High energy rhythms. Your favorite love songs. Positive attitudes. Cam Jus is about that. Though born and raised in the DMV, he cut his teeth in hole in the wall clubs in the South then moved on to parties on the black college circuit while attending school in North Carolina. 5 years deep rocking anywhere music is needed, he moved back to DC and developed his signature staple of high energy, ecclectic, underground, and progressive street rhythms, inspired by the diversity and eccentricity of his life experiences. While a go-to dj on the mainstream, downtown club scene in Washington, DC, his self-promoted brand of parties allows him to remain a fixture on the underground music scene at the same time, resulting in a knowledge of music beyond his years and a versatility uncharacteristic of the average club dj. Look toward the future for remixes, mixtapes, and production credits. You can catch his current schedule, remixes, and mixtapes at and

L. Barnes (Captures you at your best and makes you look better at your worst) -

Lafayette Barnes has established a healthy photography career with a diverse portfolio since 2006. He is currently assistant photo-editor for The Washington Informer Newspaper, DC's leading African American news source, with over 50,000 readers.
He is looking to build a relationship with area models, clothing companies, promoters, and entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to service and satisfaction, and has extensive experience in photo editing and graphic design for a picture perfect presentation. For more information on how to set-up a session with L. Barnes Photography, please e-mail with a brief summary of your inquiry and your best two shots.

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