Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All this weekend: Policy Resto-Lounge Grand Opening

After seeing this flyer, I realized I attended a not-so-soft soft opening last Friday. The guestlist was a bust, so myself and many others couldn't get upstairs to the lounge so I wasn't able to see the entire spot. However, the restaurant layout and decor on the lower level is pretty dope. Dark, blush red and black covers the walls and booths with three TVs - all displaying the NCAA tournament - lined up behind the bar. In certain booths you'll have a mini-spotlight set as the moodlight for the evening. The crowd is mixed attracting mostly 35 and under comprised of glamour girls, young professionals, hipsters, sneaker kids, artists, photographers, and me. I almost forgot to mention that DJ Gavin Holland was doing what he does best on the tables that night. I can easily compare it to a spot a couple blocks up the street, Marvin, with the split level restaurant/lounge and the DJ nights BUT it doesn't have the same rustic look or Belgian-Soul food. Chef Brian Murphy is focusing on SMALL plates or tapas (depending on who you talk to) with a focus on some American favorites with a twist. Note - If you equate price with size as opposed to quality you may have sticker shock. I think only the most audacious of folks and those with a trained palate will probably eat the Crispy Veal Shortbreads (if you don't know what "shortbreads" are, Google it) but the menu looks pretty good to me.

Policy Resto-Lounge Grand Opening Weekend
An Invitation to Celebrate Truth, Love and Liberty
Friday, March 27-Sunday, March 29th
Open Daily @ 5PM

Dinner reservations - RYAN@POLICYDC.COM 202.387.7654
List for lounge - RSVP@POLICYDC.COM
Table reservations in the lounge - GABRIELLA@POLICYDC.COM

Friday night with DJ Stereo Faith (Feedback/Sorted)

Guestlist only - Send all names to:

Policy DC
1904 14th St. NW
Washington, DC


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