Monday, March 30, 2009

Innerloop Records Reasonable Doubt Remix Project Recap

ViceLife video of Innerloop Records Reasonable Doubt Event from ViceLifePR on Vimeo.

(I was the one who won the RockSmith tee at 5:05 and please don't laugh me out when you get to 13:40)

The Reasonable Doubt Remix Project, an event showcasing some of the area's best rappers rhyming over some of the area's best producers remixed tracks from Jay-Z's classic career debut release, Reasonable Doubt. I was more than anxious to attend this event when I first learned of it because this was something rather paramount, yet unheard of to me. I was familiar with most of the line-up but it was definitely a pleasure to see Asheru rock "Politics As Usual", not on some "Guess who's back?" type shit but more so me wanting to hear Asheru do his thing after not hearing him for a minute.

My favorite lines for the evening:

- AB The Producer when he said "I'd rather be paid with haters, than broke with lovers" on "Dead Presidents". Can I also mention how he flippin' freaked this beat

- Nando McFlyy told us on "22 Two's" there's "Too much down south boooty lickin'!" Thank you! Even though he admittedly forgot some of the lyrics he maintained a humorously cocky yet sincerely cool demeanor

- Cayan and Pro'Verb on "Friend or Foe '09" - "Ain't nobody smellin' any local cologne unless they got some roto-toms or congos"

Favorite remixes:

Asheru - "Politics As Usual" produced by E-Minah

AB The Producer - "Dead Presidents" produced by himself

B-Sheba - "Ain't No Love" produced by LCD

RAtheMC - "Cashmere Thoughts" produced by Judah

Lyriciss - "Regrets" produced by Kokayi

I can't end this before mentioning how captivating K-Beta's performance on "D'Evils" was. He just went in as soon as the beat dropped, commanding the audiences attention the entire time. He voiced the grimness of the track through his lyrics and facial expression. Practically mean mugging the crowd lol...

Download - Reasonable Doubt Remix Project


Overok said...

Thank you for coming! It was nice to finally meet you.

The Glass House said...

No doubt and likewise...I'm grateful to have even known about it. Looking forward to "The Beatdown" now.