Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introducing K.Scribe - The latest addition to The Glass House (in DC for now)

I had a brainfart a couple weeks back to bring on a co-writer to this blog who was a "writer" and not a "blogger" (major difference). If y'all have been following me for a minute you may have noticed some improvement in my actual writing pieces, however I still am extremely reluctant to call myself a "writer" - I just sometimes expound greatly upon stuff that hits home with me. Because of this I recruited a good friend who writes way better than I do to assist with music reviews. I feature a lot of dope DMV rappers, DJs and soon more artists in the area of other genres that I think are like that. As a creative person myself, I respect any constructive criticism be it good or bad so I like to provide the same. Music is near and dear to my heart so I want to provide reviews not so much as a testament to what I think, but as a detailed way to tell those I admire "Hey I think your shit is hot!". I now give to you my (wo)man 50 Grand, K.Scribe...

When I first came to DC, I didn’t understand where the hip hop conversation began and who was a part of the dialogue. Hip Hop, though a universal language has many definitions in various places. It’s like Anthony Bourdain says, "each culture has its own version of the Jamaican pattie", and Hip Hop isn’t immune to this theory. Since my DC arrival, I’ve pulled music off the shelves in NYC, the West Coast, my homestead (The Dirty South), and the Midwest. To love Hip Hop is to love the many threads of different types of music woven together to create its complexity. It took one of its own, Sonya Collins, a DMV native to really plug me into the Hip Hop conversation in the DMV. Collins, of The Glass House, is a Hip Hop fiend. If it’s good, she’s tried it and if it’s bad, she’s renounced it. However, I’m still exploring the nature of DC’s sound, with its go-go muses, soul, and quadrants, but I’m open to the possibility that its rhythm is always, always evolving.

As for me, I’m a literature-music-medicine loving scribe and I write the scripture of whatever it is I see, hear, or sense. My pen of choice is anything that bleeds. Contact me at for any questions, comments, or suggestions.


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