Monday, August 3, 2009

The Glass House (in DC and Beyond) brings you stuff you can use, fashion, reviews and opinions

New writers people and I couldn't be more excited. Here's the rundown:

Kirt - Putting you on to everything you need everyday -

From the young age of 12, Kirt began to write short stories and brainstorm on novels (for FUN). As she got older and life started to happen, that idea was shoved to the back burner. Fast forward 12 years, an opportunity arose to do blogs (video and written)for a local site, All was well until site maintenance fell off and it was back to her 9-5 as a Placement Retention Counselor. Fast forward another 6 months, she was exposed to copywriting and fell in love with writing all over again. After her first AND successful attempt at writing long copy (aka a really long ass sales letter), she knew she was back. Recently, she came across a Craigslist posting for a writer spot at a wonderful blog by the name of The Glass House. Wrote Them. Was liked. And Here she is now.
Loves Hip-Hop and just music and general and promises that everything she writes will reflect her individuality, charisma, style, and passion for the arts. And since writing is an art (everyone can’t do it), then that means that she is sensitive about her s**t, but welcomes all opinions.

Brandi Zarr - Our latest Fashionista

Brandi Zarr is a DC native enamoured with all things vintage, independent films, writing, and everything ART, (specifically fashion). She is all about spreading the knowledge of the rules to fashion, and highlighting that not wearing white after Labor Day isn’t one of them. She is an up and coming stylist and women’s wear designer of Trois Noir; which will cater to the ultra chic woman of edge, set to debut Fall/Winter 09.

Her Passion and love for fashion goes much deeper than what the Olsen twins are wearing. It was fashion that whisked her away from DC and to the freeing land of San Francisco for a year where she worked alongside a bridal and corsetry specialist and truly learned to appreciate the process of vision to reality where design is concerned. She returned to DC in August of 08 and interned with luxury menswear designer Shaka King before returning to the doldrums of the 9-5 world. Since then she has been honing her own skills and revamping her line and it’s identity before placing it upon a pedestal to present to the world.

She pulls inspiration from life’s memories, architecture, and elderly women who refuse to let age get in the way of maintaining their poise, style and grandeur.

Ms. Zarr vows that through her posts, fashion junkies will get their fix, and all fashion misfits will receive proper education and assistance necessary to make a change!

Gregory Harris - Lending a discerning ear to all things music

I guess you can say I am a gun for hire. Now I want to take aim at
reviewing music. As far as my musical tastes, I enjoy almost any good
song, be it Jazz, Rock, R&B, Rap. Being that I came of age in the 80's
and 90's I am a child of Hip-Hop. My formative years were Filled with
Run DMC, Special Ed, Kid n' Play, Heavy D, Public Enemy. My most vivid
memories of my hip hop introduction was one time when my Father
brought home this black cassette tape for me and my brother. It had no
label just a case, I opened it and put it into a radio I had received
for Christmas and pushed play and the greatest sound ever came from
those speakers. It was Doug E Fresh's "The Show", that sealed it for
me, I was committed to hip hop.
I believe everyone's first Hip Hop purchase should be a bootleg
purchase - Isn't that hip hop at it's essence? The other most important
moment in my musical growth was when my mother purchased a Tape by
this group you my know as N.W.A. My mother heard one verse and second
guessed her decision to let my young ears hear that sound. Thank God
she did.

Then came the High School where I think most people's musical taste
are hardened. The age of Diddy: Fun, excess and over the top
excitement of life. Boy do I wish those days were here again. The rise
of the South: Outkast, Goodie Mob, Cash Money, Ludacris. "Me and You,
Yo mama and yo cousin too". Don't sleep I do R&B too but I need to
keep this short. So now as I embrace my adulthood I am searching out
more Jazz. I am really looking forward to the next generation of
superstars and what they will contribute to my golden years.

M. Leshchiner - Just a matter of opinion

M. Leshchiner is a DC area native known mostly for his work in local Hip-Hop and writing in the realm of fiction. While the blogosphere is not his normal genre, he promises to keep it absolutely and purely REAL. The soul of DC permeates his essence and its spirit is pervasive in the writing. M. Leshchiner has traveled extensively and tries to bring his experiences to writing. The call of DC is often just too strong though and he returns time after time. Enjoy reading the words of M. Leshchiner and feel free to holla.

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