Monday, August 10, 2009

Tomorrow: Mz. Mimz's "Thoughts While Getting Dressed" Mixtape Listening Party @ Lounge of III

I'm really happy to see the listening party finally happening tomorrow evening. Mz. Mimz has been on my R&B radar since the beginning of the year and has been progressing wonderfully since I learned of her talent. If you've been following The Glass House (in DC and Beyond) for a while you may remember posting (and hopefully you downloaded) Thoughts While Getting Dressed...A Mixtape. I've always found the less pop sound of many unsigned and independent R&B artists to be more interesting to listen to over many who choose the way of a more Urban Contemporary Top 40 sound. Of course I have to mention that I have a hard time listening to contemporary R&B because the content is often a little too sobby for me, therefore I often find myself listening to it with a critics ears only. How's the artist's voice, the music/band that accompanies, are they staying within their vocal range, classically trained or naturally gifted, catchy hook, the song format, etc. - all questions running through my mind when listening to the majority of R&B artists. Now if you ain't tellin' too many sob stories in your music, you're talented and have dope music backing you then you're solid in my book. I have to give that solid stamp to Mz. Mimz as you will also this Tuesday.

Mz. Mimz Thoughts While Getting Dressed...A Mixtape Listening Party
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Live Performances and Free Giveaways

Lounge of III
1013 U St. NW
Washington, DC

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