Friday, August 14, 2009

Kingpen Slim x DC Unplugged @ Vegas Lounge

Last night's event, DC Unplugged at Vegas Lounge was a "cool" and surprising experience. There were a few performers, one of which I was able to interview and see perform live on stage. The venue was small and the lights were low giving the space a very intimate feel. The crowd was filled mostly with couples and tons of ladies. Given the atmosphere that the crowd and the setting created, I wondered how a rap artist would be successful in doing his set. On comes Kingpen Slim and I was expecting "Powder 4 Da Babies" right off jump. Instead, I got a well rehearsed band playing mellow mixes of about four tracks from his latest album, The Beam Up. His energy matched the crowds and he was extremely engaging. His flow and breath control were excellent and his ability to keep the crowd involved even though the audience didn't seem to be familiar with his music was awesome. He had small conversation during his set to keep the show moving and over all just did his thing! It is always gratifying to see an artist give a good show. He has a leg up on a few DMV artists because his performances are always DIFFERENT! His swag was crazy and it seems like the sky is the limit for this cat. BEAM UP!

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