Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video - "Guns & Butter" XO and K-Beta (Produced by J-Scrilla)

"Guns & Butter" XO and K-Beta (Produced by J-Scrilla) from Inner Loop Records on Vimeo.

Anyone who has had a conversation with me about music videos knows that one of my first concerns is the concept. I think effectively conveying the lyrics through a visual storyline is what determines whether or not a music video is just a music video or mini-movie. Don't get me wrong, music videos with people in front of white backdrops dancing or posting up has it's place but all too often I've seen a bad video paired up with a good song. Fortunately, "Guns & Butter" meets that standard of a good music video played out like a movie.


Overok said...

Always informative. I love when bloggers actually blog.

Sonya said...

Yeah I don't want a site full of posters lol