Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Presents "Aaliyah Revisted" Tribute EP

Urban music mag, has teamed up with many of R&B's best in the game to bring you Aaliyah Revisited Tribute EP. The remixes you'll hear on this are phenomenal and well thought out. On the first listen, I could hear that the artists and producers both channeled Aaliyah's energy and soul while in in the studio. I have yet to meet someone who wasn't a fan of Aaliyah and couldn't relate to her in some way. Whether you were that girl who thought rockin' a sports bra and baggy jeans was the flyest look ever, you at some point in your life experienced the words heard in all her songs or you had the biggest crush on her from "Back and Forth" all the way to "We Need A Resolution", the Aaliyah Revisited Tribute EP is something that will truly be appreciated by you and all Aaliyah fans alike.

Download Aaliyah Revisited Tribute EP and preview what you'll hear below with the soulful crooning of Jesse Boykins III on "I Care 4 U"


1. If Your Girl Only Knew (Syberized) – produced & performed by Sy Smith (Recorded & Engineered by: Grant Nicholas at Rumbo Studio C, Winnetka, CA)

2. Are You That Somebody – performed by Tawiah, produced by Jodi Milliner

3. I Care 4 U – produced & performed by Jesse Boykins III

4. It’s Whatever – produced by Black Einstein ft. Baby Sol

5. A Million Preludes – performed by Marsha Ambrosius

6. One In A Million – performed by Jonas

7. Rock The Boat – performed by Vula, produced by Jodi Milliner

8. ESP (A 4 Page Suite) – produced by AFTA-1 ft. Nikko Gray

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