Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feedback Party @ DC9

When I asked DJ Stereo Faith why he started the monthly Feedback party at DC9 he told me it was to create a party that went beyond one type of music and deliver a diverse mix. He definitely accomplished his goal with this month's party. The music ran the gamut from old school to electronica to house, new school to the theme song from the "Benny Hill Show"? This month's party featured Stereo Faith as well as veteran DJ's Tittsworth and "Bill Westman". Each DJ had a distinct style and the party seemed to ebb and flow on the tips of their fingers. It's not often that I encounter DJ's so adept at both spinning and managing the party's vibe.
DC9 is a great location for the party. The plentiful booths and reasonable dance floor make it a great room for busting a move or just bobbing your head until your jam comes on. The free redbull and vodkas were a nice touch and gave the party an extra adrenaline rush. Needless to say, it was a great party and worth checking out next month.
Stay tuned for the audio of the interview I did with the man himself: DJ Stereo Faith.
(Photos by Dee Wong)

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dee said...

awesome review of the party!