Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tarjay, Tarjay Take Me Away!

A usual Target trip for myself runs along the lines of running in for "just a few things" and ending up walking out of the store with "just a few bags" instead. I know I'm not alone! And ever since Target launched their Go International program, I've been making even more "not on the list" purchases. Those not familiar with Go International, let me introduce. Go International consists of affordable apparel and accessories for women created by young and emerging designers. Each season is created by a different designer who is already well-known
for their high-end collections and is only available for 90 days from its release. The idea of it all isn't necessarily fresh. I can remember the first design collaboration between H&M and Karl Lagerfeld, I died three times.

My first purchase was a sweater by Anna Sui under Target's Designer Collaborations program. From the Go International line an adorable tie-front sheath dress by Richard Chai I wore to a Fall Collection show last year, and most recent a shirt for the office by Alexander McQueen.

But I very recently learned that a line I adore, Rodarte, headed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy will be releasing a collection under Go International the end of December 09. Rodarte, known for their attention to detail and extremely intricate designs will be available until February with the highest price of a piece set to being $80.

It will be interesting to see if a high fashion line whose frocks are easily labeled with price tags in the four digits can be successfully translated to mass fashion. Either way, I am uber excited and am preparing myself for many more luxury for less purchases at Tarjay!


B. Zarr

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Wow -- I'm on my way to Tarjay! Thanks.