Monday, August 10, 2009

"...I can't even pronounce nothing, pass that VER-SA-CE..."

Three things I can't fathom are as follows: anyone eating anything they can't pronounce, people using words they don't know the meaning of (offenders, stop this! it's more apparent than you think), and wearing names one can not pronounce. Yes, language is indeed important to me. In the current time when most are still believers that labels define style; even if you don't necessarily consider yourself a connoisseur of fashion, it wouldn't harm to familiarize yourself with the correct calling of names that even if not in your closet you've surely seen and will continue to see. You never know who you may find yourself in an exchange with. 

Balenciaga : Ba-lin-cee-ah-ga

Bottega Veneta: Bo-tega Ven-e-ta

Bulgari: Bull-gah-ree

Christian Louboutin: Loo-boo-tin

Givenchy: Jhee-von-shee

Hermes: Air-mess

Hervé Léger: Air-vay Lay-jay

Jean Paul Gaultier: Sj-awn Paul Goat-ee-ay

Lanvin: Lon-vin

Marchesa: Mar-kay-sa

Pierre Cardin: Pee-air Car-dain

Proenza Schouler: Pro-enza Skool-er

Yves - Saint - Laurent: Eve-san-Laur-ahnt

And if sounding these out is still leaving you feeling unsure, the Imperial Hotel Management College has blessed the tongue twisted public with videos you can play to no end of audio with the correct pronunciations. Go off in confidence that you can talk that talk now lovelies. Hell, sing them if you please!


B. Zarr

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