Saturday, February 14, 2009

Potheads Unite!

As I was waiting for the bus this morning, I peeped this on a utility box at the corner of North Capitol and Randolph Sts. NW. Got to Gallery Place and saw another one posted on a utility box in front of Starbucks at 7th and H Sts. Apparently, GOTDRO.COM is , that's right you guessed it, a website for the smokers of DC and beyond. I checked the site when I got to work (on an iPhone because AT&T is pressed like shit) and it's pretty typical ode-to-marijuana material. This month's "Dro of the Month" is the White Widow strand. I quit smoking forever a few months ago but I could never call myself a "head" so maybe that's why I'm like "Oh boy...". They feature some tracks and albums from some local rappers as well. I can't say how good or bad they are because I wasn't able to listen to them because I'm at work so I'll leave that to y'all. I don't know, maybe this will morph into something substantial.

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Anonymous said...

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