Thursday, October 1, 2009

DMV Homegrown Flavors: Wine and Music Pairing

DMV Homegrown Flavors: 34th Annual Virginia Wine Festival + music artist’s Midian, Incwell, Tre Thomas, Amber Mimz, Frank Sirius and Alison Carney.

On Saturday September 19th – 20th the Virginia Wine Festival hosted over fifty Virginia Wineries and attendees walked around with a commemorative glass in hand to sip samples of everything from Chardonnay to Merlot. This was the opportunity to experience satisfying wines to store in your home for the Fall and Winter. As cold weather approaches, it is a good time to consider trading in a night at an area club for an intimate night in with a glass of wine in hand and the sounds of DMV R&B/Soul artists.

Artist: Midian

Take a Sip: Songstress with a Hip-Hop rhetoric that comes off as a flow.

Tracks: Heart Beat and Sweet Talk Me

Pair with a glass of: Red Mountain Laurel, a desert wine made from a blend of Native American grapes that provide a sweet, smooth finish. Purchase at

Artist: Incwell

Take a Sip: Washington, DC native Incwell explains that “if I could sing I would but I can’t. So I have to make people feel through my words, my lyrics.” His lyrics coupled with his live band make for a smooth blend.

Track: Beautiful Ones

Pair with a glass of: Meteor Bright White, an aromatic Vidal blanc, with a crisp, clean finish which has a honey and pear flavor and a touch of apple sweetness. Purchase at

Artist: Mz. Mimz

Take a Sip: A lover of sounds and expressions. She’s been told by some of her supporters that they often times enjoy her music with a glass of wine.

Tracks: Dutch Master and He Wants Me

Pair with a glass of: White Raven, a soft, fruity and crisp Pinot Grigio dinner wine. Purchase at

Artist: Tre Thomas

Take a Sip: a Howard University Alum, who once performed as part of the Howard Gospel Choir, gives his listeners passionate yet angelic vocalizations. His entire album “A Natural Contrast” is now available on iTunes.

Track: My First Love

Pair with a glass of: Falconwood, a wine with a crisp clean flavor with hints of honeysuckle mingling with a fruity blend of green apple, star fruit and passion fruit. Purchase at

Artist: Frank Sirius

Take a Sip: Former member of go-go band, Lissen Da Grewp, Frank Sirius aka Scooby now has a Billboard a hit single that remained on the R&B charts for 8-weeks, peaking at #7.

Track: Remember My Name

Pair with a glass of: Hanover, a semi-dry table wine with a bold, cherry character. Purchase at

rtist: Alison Carney

Take a Sip: The Alison Carney formula is + Music + Life = EXPLOSIVE.

Tracks: More Than and You Said

Pair with a glass of: Bacchanalia, a barrel-aged Cabernet Franc, Chambourcine, Tennat, and Merlot, collectively giving it a full bodied structure. Purchase at

To experience a wine tasting festival yourself, you may want to consider attending the upcoming Vintage Jazz/Wine Tasting at Linganore Winecellars located in Mt. Airy, Maryland on October 17th -18th. Log onto,, for details. For now, purchase a bottle of these suggested wines along with foods like crab cakes or sharp cheeses, and mellow out to the sounds of the artists featured on DMV Homegrown Flavors.

DMV Homegrown Flavors

Be sure to Google and visit the web-sites of these artists, so you can stay up on current events and new music releases. It’s up to you to decide which one of these artists will go down in the books.

-The Historian
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