Monday, October 19, 2009

Video: Pato Pooh - Follow Me feat. Adam Tensta (Nintendo Lives!)

Sweden got flows...period. With Adam Tensta being the biggest name in Swedish hip hop and the most well-known out of Scandinavia this side of the Atlantic, the country's fusion of electrons into the organics of Hip Hop is real. Adam teams with Pato Pooh, another Stockholm native by way of Chile, on the Super Mario energized "Follow Me" to take it back to the 80s but keep it futuristic at the same time. I've been on a old school video game kick thanks to the Durkl store in DC and "Follow Me" does everything to keep my nostalgic high going. Speaking of Adam Tensta and Durkl, you can hear him on "Dopeboy" feat. Eboi (another good dude) on the Judah x Durkl produced Survivor Series Vol. 1.

Also watch Eboi give listeners a piece of his mind on this freestyle over "Follow Me" as a part of the My Best Friend Is My Grind Freestyle Challenge. There's mad talent on either side of the Atlantic so let's push to get the visibility up so all worthy talents can be heard.

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