Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Video - SHATiFF X District Fresh X FTDMVO Exclusive "GLENARDEN"

SHATiFF-GLENARDEN *DMV Exclusive* from Arubrics on Vimeo.

Any video with people eating food from the Chinese carry-out (more affectionately known in the DMV as "the carry-out") is alright with me! As someone who will probably eat chinese carry-out food, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy my diet is, I'm glad to see this element of Black urban culture in a music video. Class and education aside, if you come from any black neighborhood, middle class on down, you've eaten from the Chinese carry-out at least once in your life. Now with that said, Glenarden native (that's north-central PG County for those unfamiliar) Shatiff prefaces his upcoming album ALL IN: The Vow, due out this winter, with the video to his "this is how it is where I'm from" style track "Glenarden".

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dre - DistrictFresh.com said...

yo.. slight correction... lol.. Shatiff runs a catering business.. we cooked out in Glenarden to give back to the community. No "curry out" food here.. lol.. thanks for posting..