Monday, October 5, 2009

H Street Day/Below the Waist Photos

Welcome to DC!!!!!
So all of you Washingtonians know that every year we have a host of different festivals/events to honor certain days, streets, and people. This year, me and friends walked through H Street Day off the humble and saw that it was definitely not the same. Not a lot of musical performances as I expected but we made the best of it anyway because we are Good Folk. While I was there, of course, I took photos. All from the waist below lol. I thought I captured some really cool photos for me rarely letting the camera touch my face. So check them out and tell me what you think???? I love feedback :-)

H Street Day Look-out

I still say that these are some of the girls from the upcoming Real World.....
I mean, why else would they have camera guys around them???

We were for sure this runway had reached maximum capacity :-)
they were partying though

vehicles and the people that admire them

this van was dope their legs in this shot

look at meeeeeee!


headless stroll

People....and the dogs that love 'em

see my shadow???

cute pup indeed....from the front :-)

Double dutch time...

I want to ride my my bicycle, bicycle....(I love Queen)

H Street Art Admiration

"I absolutely LOVED seeing this as we strolled on by" ....and you can quote me on that
People helping's powerful stuff (Wedding Crashers)

and of course food was involved....

curbside cupcakes was there....i didnt get one but my homies said they were good

and of course a festival is not a festival if you don't at least close out with a funnel cake.

Hope you enjoyed my experience of DC's H Street Day 2009.....And again, let me know what you think.

I love feedback :-)

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