Monday, October 12, 2009

FALL, Feet First

Ladies have so many options this season when it comes to "stepping out". Styles included range from an array of architectural sculptured booties, angled ankle boots, stilt-high stilettos (okay maybe not that high but it appears we'll be there much sooner than later) and lastly a tendency I myself will be diving into this season: the thigh boot.

The thigh boot will be key in footwear for the season. Accented with straps, chains, studs, I even expect to see some of last year's fringe. Now this can be done horribly well, or horribly wrong. If you leave out undecided on just how well you paired these, the attention you receive will surely be indicative *wink*.

These boots will serve their purpose best paired with a pair of dark fitted jeans, tee and a cropped leather jacket, a long slouched cardigan with the season's mini dress, or a knit dress with a thigh high wedge or chunky heel. Another option would be to purchase a pair of leatherette leggings, and pair them with an ankle boot close in color.

Now don't prance to the register in these to purchase before you assure that the fit is anything less than perfect. The top of the boot should lay flat, fit snugly but not tightly, and there should be no ruching. Of course the foot should feel comfort and no pressure with the arch it will be molded in, in the boot. I almost want to purchase a pair to wear, and a separate pair to place standing upright on their own as apart of my living room decor. Spicy!

Timberland $375

And for the gentleman looking to adopt a more modern or masculine look, these boots by Timberland can certainly add the hardened flair wanted to your ensembles this season. This boot would work with a variety of lengths and can easily be transitioned through different looks.

Bacco Bucci - Marchant $335

These Bacco Bucci boots give off a very chivalrous feel and I am especially in love with the detail near the back soles. Either boot can be worn with a dark slim fit jean and a button down shirt or layers under the season's Deep-V neck cardigan. These mens styles to me, are timeless and will be staples in your footwear collection for colder seasons to come.

Step in S T Y L E dears!


B. Zarr

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