Friday, October 16, 2009

Music Video - Kev Brown "Another Random Joint"

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a couple of folks about DC having lost its "soul". When I say "soul", I mean lost its sense of pride. One of the people involved in the conversation is a native Washingtonian, the other is from Georgia. Then there's me having grown up in Prince George's County, MD just a few miles east of the Nation's Capital. We all agreed that with DC being highly transient, the growing absence of the working class, having a mayor who sees cleaning up DC as stripping it of all its character (whoever heard of a Chinatown that was barely Chinese) and much of DC's indigenous Black population having moved to the surrounding suburbs, one has to wonder "How many people are still rooting for DC?". On a consistent basis, not many.

Then there's folks like Kev Brown whose video "Another Random Joint" (Check the album Random Joints) shows that there really are a few folks left from the area who rep the a good light, too. This was the best display of Adams Morgan on the weekend I've ever seen. If you were unfamiliar with Kev Brown or any other member of the Low Budget Crew prior to now, starting HERE would be good.

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