Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween DMV Music Mash Mix

Two Questions for you - What are you wearing for Halloween? What DMV Hip-Hop music are you diggin’ on? To assist you with ideas, here is a list of front runner Halloween costumes and DMV music artists. While reading, be sure to unwrap DMV Hip-Hop's music assortment, download and put the Halloween DMV Music Mash on your iPod!!!


Tryk-or-Treet: *Worst Nightmare*


Costume: HBO’s Crypt Keeper was a confident, wisecracking character. This stroke of confidence and humor go hand-in-hand with Carty-Yeah known for his expression “you you you already know”. Carty-Yeah’s younger brother,

P-Ezy, crafted a track for “boils and ghouls” using samples from Tales from the Crypt. To achieve the look of the Crypt Keeper get a black tuxedo, bowtie, and a character mask from a party store.

XO and AB the Producer

Tryk-or-Treet: *Do It*

@UptownXO @AbThePro

Costume: As suggested by the face of Studio 43 Promotions and Marketing, Ricky Parker, *Do It* embodies the energy of the ’96 Jordan and Pippen. When discussing his relationship with Jordan, Pippen stated “You continue to compete against the very best every day, and you will get better, or you’ll be embarrassed.” To achieve the look of Jordan and Pippen is simple, squad up with one of your team players and decide which one of you will rock Chicago Bulls uniform #23 or #33.

Black Cobain

Tryk-or-Treet: *Think It Over* and *Lavish Life*


Costume: As suggested by Byrd of I Got It For Free, Black Cobain’s songs share the thoughts of a Mafia Boss. As Black Cobain expresses on the intro of *Think It Over, *“This is now or never/I’m in total control/and I love it.” To achieve the look of a Mafia Boss get a pinstripe suit, necktie, a classy hat and throw in a toy gun (warning: make sure the toy gun has a red tip, to avoid the drama).

King Baker

Tryk-or-Treet: *I’m From DC* and *I’m So Fresh*


Costume: Just as Eazy-E repped his city on *Straight Outta Compton, *King Baker does the same on *I’m From DC. *King Baker shares “I’m from DC/where them youngins cook in the glass/girls talk with their hands/and clap with they asses.” To achieve the look of Eazy-E get a pair of Dickies, Chucks, a black and white plaid shirt, black hat with white logo, and black shades.

Kingpen Slim

Tryk-or-Treet: *Fly Shit*


Costume: Talking about night’s to remember like Shalamar, judges waving bonds, and rugby shirts are a pimp’s topics of conversation. Manager, P-Stew, suggested that Kingpen Slim that exhibits the wit of a 70’s Fly Era pimp. To achieve this look get a feathered hat, bell bottoms, gators, a cane and some Jeromey Rome (Martin) teeth.


Tryk-or-Treet: *All That* and *Holy Ghost *


Costume: PHZ-Sicks explained that with *All That* he used random references to movies, idioms, and world history in an abstract way to get a point across, so he suggested a costume idolizing painters Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dalì. PHZ-Sicks also explained that *Holy Ghost* is a* *song that takes place during a sermon with a preacher egging him on to speak his mind, not hold back, and be free with who he is, so he suggested a preacher inspired costume.


Tryk-or-Treet: *Beastie*


Costume: With the boom boom clack, boom boom boom clack beat and Redhead’s vocalization, it was only right to gear up in a Beastie Boys' inspired look. Just as Wale sported the fitted Mickey Mouse sweatshirt during his Beastie Boys performance and Kid Rock sported his red Kangol bucket during his LL Cool J performance on VH1’s Hip-Honors, to achieve the look of a beastie/b-boy, look to legendary emcees and mimic their style of dress.

Frayz and Whitefolkz

Tryk-or-Treet: *Turn Me Up*

@Frayzmidieast and @Whitefolkz

Costume: Vampires have a strong ability to lure in their prey. Rappers, Frayz and Whitefolkz, attract their listeners with their addictive lyrics and high-energy. To achieve the look of a character from HBO’s True Blood you’ll need white paint over the entire face, red paint for blood drippings around the mouth, fangs, and if you haven’t had a hair-cut, then maybe you can throw in a widow’s peak just for kicks.

Prop & Nyty

Tryk-or-Treet: *Manic State*


Costume: A list of alcohol and drug vices are listed in the beginning of *Manic State *then* *Prop & Nyty’s lyrics express reasons they use these vices and the effect their uses have. In the last verse of the song, excessive use of hallucinogens puts the character in a manic state of mind. To achieve the look of a maniac get a Hannibal Lecter, straight jacket costume and spend your night saying Clarice Starrrrling!


Tryk-or-Treet: *Getcha Back Up (Off the Wall)*


Costume: Of course *Getcha Back Up (Off the Wall) *samples Michael Jackson’s *Off the Wall. *In this song, Emperess demands that you do just that, stop standing on the wall and party. To achieve this look mimic the styles of Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper and of course Madonna, then hit a Backyard Band show and rock out to Weensey of The Backyard Band vocalizing “Girls just want to have fun!!!".


Tryk-or-Treet: *Halloween Bully*


Costume: This song starts off with the howl of a werewolf and then other goblins & ghouls are laid behind the beat of *Halloween Bully. *A wolf mask, varsity jacket, and fitted jeans, then you are costumed as Teen Wolf.

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