Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm R$ch B$tch!

Small businesses are the bread and butter of America’s economy. We literally live on America’s small businesses. Recently, I’ve been reading about young entrepreneurs making their marks in the country and the world. It’s so thrilling for me to read about twentysomethings making millions off of their vision. After getting the funding and surrounding themselves with the right people, they are making it happen.

I read about Anne Pawsat-Dressler, who at 24 years old, saw a need for upscale travel accommodations on an island she moved to in Hawaii. She approached those with multimillion dollar estates to let her use, and after building up her rental inventory, now has a high-end villa rental and concierge company called Hawaii Hideaways that grossed $5 million in sales last year.

We all are capable of greatness. We all have imaginations and desires and as long as we can turn our talents into a service that can be profitable, we will be set. Investor and educator Robert Kiyosaki said, “Just to make money is not a strong enough mission. The mission of a business should be to fill the customer’s need.” And so it is and filling a need whether it is through a product or service, is what makes others happy and keeps the flow of money going around.

And according to a recent article on, the Washington DC area has the highest concentration of young and wealthy adults. Out of 50 counties surveyed around the U.S., Loudoun County ranked number one while Arlington County came in second. Findings were based on a targeted demographic of 25-34 year olds who earn over $100,000 annually.

This information should serve as even more motivation to get out there and use our unique talents to jumpstart our own businesses or if it suits you better, to work for a company that pays a healthy six figure salary. Whichever it is, having a lifestyle that allows us the freedom to engage in activities that we are passionate about is what’s key for most of us.

I’m working on increasing my own flow of money and know that it’s right there for me to grasp. Forget getting a piece of the proverbial American pie; I think what we have today is more like a buffet. With so many opportunities and ways to launch a successful business, I’m going to go right on up to that buffet, make my selections, and fill my plate. Oh, and you better believe I’m going back for seconds!

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