Friday, October 2, 2009

The Take Over: Ease of Human Connection via Facebook

There’s a ton of information regarding the pros and cons of “social networking” sites. We’ve all seen and heard the nays, yays, and promos regarding Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Most of you reading this article have at the very least created a profile that contains your name, hometown, and date of birth, just because so many people that you know are already involved in the technology take over.

I was born in 1980 and use Facebook regularly, having a personal and business Facebook page. I also have friends that cross generations, including my mom, who are also on Facebook with whom I can send a quick post or email to say hello; view and comment on their pictures; share inside jokes and funny clips found on YouTube; support fellow entrepreneurs by becoming fans of their pages; or even join a cause that I share a passion for with someone I went to high school with.

I don’t see why Facebook would be threatening to anyone, but I do have a friend or two who haven’t joined any social networking sites for fear that too much of their personal life will be displayed to the cyber world or that they will be stalked by an estranged lover from high school or college.

My initial reaction is “Are you kidding? You can’t be that afraid of the world,” but after some thought, I can see where this fear is rooted. Connecting with others from the past does conjure memories, some good and some bad. I can also see how the whole dynamic of Facebook can be intimidating when you’re just getting started. Here’s the real scoop, only post pictures or comments that you really want people to see. The adding of friends is at your discretion; you shouldn’t become Facebook friends with anyone you don’t really like or can’t remember for that matter.

Besides, the whole point is to have fun with it and the more you get to play with it, the more your world is opened to connections with those you haven’t seen or spoken to in years, including some of your own relatives! Guess what else? All of the negative thoughts and worries about looking silly or saying something stupid is about no one else but you. The minute you post something that may be questionable; someone else has posted something about their work day, the weather, their children, a quirky news story, or a whole barrage of information they want to share.

The communication is transient and really, no one cares as much about your posts as they do their very own. Facebook allows us to make a statement to everyone and really, I have found nothing but support and positivity from my Facebook community. The means that we use to communicate will continue to evolve but one thing remains the same; the undeniable desire for human connection. At this point in time, it’s easier than ever.

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