Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday 10/24: Deep in the District @ Indulj

If you're from the DC area and didn't attend Howard University (there's only five of us who do each year), then the HBCU and its homecoming have probably never been on your radar. I won't expound upon the reason why that is in this post but it looks like things are a little different this year. Several HU Homecoming events, whether official or unofficial, are featuring some of the best rappers rhyming in and out of the DMV. This Saturday, Suite Nation and Studio 43 will be hosting what looks to be a noteworthy event as a lifestyle contribution to the country's largest college homecoming. Deep in the District will feature the lyrical skill of Studio 43 verbal phenom, XO, and still life in art form by Barbie Bibiana. Deep in the District will also serve as the host for Everyday Pple's 2nd Anniversary. Although the event is called Deep in the District, this will only offer the unfamiliar just a touch of the many emerging talents brewing in and around the Capital Beltway. It's a daytime event so you're still good on time to get pretty for the Saturday night parties. I wanna see plenty of faces, new and old, so show yourself!

In preparation for the event, I want to share this artistic gem Studio 43 dropped on us this morning that further emphasizes the shift in the dynamic of the arts & entertainment scene in DC.

XO "All I Had" (LaLa) from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

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