Friday, October 23, 2009

Luxe for Less Pt. II

With yet another expectedly fabulous fashion collaboration hitting stores soon, I thought it best to give notice of the union of London based accessory designer Jimmy Choo and H&M this season. The collection slated to be available Nov. 14th will bring apart from accessories and shoes, a line of garments for men and women. From what has been seen (courtesy of images leaked before the launch), the women's lines is sprinkled with plenty embellishment, studs, and animal print. Men get an array of denim in solid washes, accented belts, boots, bags and even a few smart suits. A great number of the pieces exude the 80's punk feel that Choo (and many others) have been re-embracing as of late. As a whole, alot of the items I've seen thus far do a divine justice when it comes to maintaining the high-end image while being set at a lower price. If stiletto Gods are to begin a trend within with these collaborations, I vote Blahnik and Louboutin next.

I love these, charcoal can be infused with almost any other color to set a fierce palette for any ensemble. My toes have high hopes that the construction of these won't be subpar.

This blue is gorgeous, the suede...fills me with many emotions.

Jimmy even graces us with a thigh boot. [refer to my last post for synopsis of this style and how to wear. not suggested for the prude at heart.]

That bag. Made for a man, coveted by moi!

Accessories bring closure to a look, these belts don't look too disappointing.

One of my favorite washes for the colder season, these men's denim Choo's are sophisticated and fresh. To retain the darkness of the wash, jeans should be cleaned inside out in cold water with a mild cleaner like Woolite Dark.

With the 14th around the corner, you won't have to anticipate too long much longer my lovies...


B. Zarr

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