Friday, October 16, 2009

Video: B.U.R.N.S. Documentary Trailer

B.U.R.N.S. Documentary Trailer from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

The man also known rightfully as the "Lifestyle Specialist", Kenny Burns may be well-known to many in the music industry, but knowledge of his game-changing efforts are not known amongst most. Outside of starting the boutique label, Studio 43, with Wale as the first artist back in '05 to being one of the most influential minds behind the scenes at Rocafella Records, Kenny Burns has truly paid his dues and earned his stripes. The B.U.R.N.S. documentary, scheduled for release in January 2010, will provide a more in-depth look into Kenny's life growing as a native Washingtonian, his beginnings in music to his present status as "Lifestyle Specialist" and record label owner. As the guy who is responsible for the button-up craze of the mid 2000s, the man definitely knows a thing or two about brand image and being influential. Being a fellow DMV native with continued aspirations to leave a mark in entertainment, Kenny Burns has always been a living inspiration to me since I learned of him four years ago.

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