Sunday, October 4, 2009

Minx it up!

There's something to be said about the relaxing magic of a simple mani-pedi combo. It's entirely refreshing and literally makes you feel...polished! And now Minx, to the detriment of my recession budget, has upgraded this ritual to an even more fuffiling level! Minx Nail Fashion is the newest product from Minx, Inc that will "extend fashion to your fingertips." Made popular by the Real Housewives of Atlanta but worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckaham, Minx is basically a solid coating, that through a heat application process, adheres to the nail like shrinkwrap...sans drying time like liquid polish. It doesn't chip or smudge and comes in almost any pattern, or color that you can imagine; solids, stripes, skulls, lace, zig zag etc. Yes! I perused the website and swooned and chuckled at some of the options I saw.

Cheetah Minx. This might very well work if you stick to solid muted tones in your clothing choices.
Black and White Lace Minx. Can you really go wrong here? Can't you imagine waving a lace fingernail snarling "Who gon check me boo?"
Creepy Baby Minx. This just struck me as strange and reminded me of the dancing virtual baby from Ally McBeal.
80's Minx. This really reminds me of Full House and bad art in old office buildings.
Bridal Minx. I would rock these. Period. Wedding or not.
Camo Minx. Is Master P getting Minx? Who is actually wearing these?
Nativity Minx. Why not? Nothing says thank you Jesus like nail art.
Minxasso. The pun just won me over. I would definitely go for some Basquiat Minx!
Get your shine on with Golden Minx. Perfect way try out fall's metallic trend!

I think we can all agree that this just might be the ultimate solution to getting a mani pedi! I frankly hate sitting at those ultraviolet lamps eager to leave because I forgot to put on sunblock before my nail appointment. Not to mention nails that chip just three hours after leaving the salon! What in the world is top coat for if my nails chip before sundown? We all owe Minx a thanks for making mani-pedis easier and our nails more fashionable.

I'm sure by this point you want to try Minx, but you can not run to any nail salon and don this nail art. Minx can only be applied by a certified Minx artist and luckily I have a few referrals in DC!

Minx to You
Natasha Ray
Serving the Washington D.C area
Minx to you: 866.757.6469

The Nail Lounge
Natasha Ray
709 D Street SE
Washington D.C 20003

Eden Nails By Indigo
Indigo Smith
323 Pennsylvania Ave SE, upper level
Washington, DC 20003
Sassy Nail Salon & Spa
Misha Parham
6910 4th St NW
Washington DC, 20012

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