Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wale Gets Personal & Tabi Goes Pop in WaPo

If you missed it, the Washington Post goes inside DMV hip-hop in this Sunday's Style section. The article mostly gets it right as it describes Wale's ascent to stardom and the age-old struggle for local music to break free of go-go's hold. It also features up-and-comers set to blow up in Wale's wake like Glass House regulars Phil Ade, Kingpen Slim, XO, and production team Best Kept Secret.

If you've been following the latest wave of DMV hip-hop, then most of the article will be old news. And if you've been a fan of area MC's for a while now, you'll wonder why longtime faves like Kev Brown, Kokayi, Oddisee, and Head-Roc are missing (not to mention countless others who've been on their grind for years). The article gives credit to old-schoolers Nonchalant, DC Scorpio, and Stinky Dink but makes it seem like nothing else existed between then and Wale.

The rest of us know the city has always had a vibrant hip-hop scene and thankfully it's now coming to light for all to see. How much of that is due solely to Wale is up for debate. The article makes it clear that there's already been some backlash by crabs-in-a-barrel types (including a local radio station that previously bumped Wale joints but now pokes fun at his success).

But perhaps the most WTF-worthy part of the article was Tabi Bonney revealing that he's just joined forces with Will.i.Am to create a pop supergroup called CryBabies. It's a long way from "One Track Mind" but DC hip-hop is finally blowing up. With or without go-go's help. Check out the article

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